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TL role in curriculum development?

An interesting question with no clear answer!  I think the TL in a school needs to be proactive at all times (especially around Curriculum).  Keep abreast of developments in Curriculum – read, receive BOS updates regularly, talk to KLA heads and try to attend KLA meetings and present, ask questions etc..  This can be difficult if the TL is not invited to these meetings or is not a member of the Coordinator team.  Be proactive when purchasing resources and inform teachers as they arrive, this includes searching online databases, suggesting Web 2.0 tools etc.  Try to be involved in developing units of work based on resources available in the school library and ‘team teach’ these units!

It was interesting to read the various pedagogical initiatives in Australia at the moment.  I looked at VELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) – Inquiry Learning and the Australian National Curriculum which is very much on our agenda at school at the moment.  The VELS model was focussed on a ‘Whole school curriculum plan’ which I have been ‘dreaming’ about for a few years at my school.  It is clear that Information Skills need a ‘whole school’ approach which I don’t think is happening in a lot of NSW Catholic schools, from what I can gather.

Looking at the National Curriculum, the  ‘General Capabilities’ referred to could be promoted by TLs.

For example:  ethical behaviour, critical thinking, ICT competence and posing insightful and purposeful questions.  Also, from the personal and social competence area ‘compare the experiences of others with their own, looking for commonalities and differences between their lives…’.  This could be an opportunity to develop a wonderful collection of diverse resources for the students to access.  There would be numerous ICT activities around reading and information that TLs could promote.

It was good to see that our proessional body, the Australian Library and Information Association consulted with ACARA on the draft  K-10 Australian Curriculum: English, mathematics, science and history on our behalf.


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