Website Evaluation

Schrock, Kathleen (2002), ‘The ABCs of website evaluation’

I agree that students and teachers are mostly using online information – it is now a Primary source (books are a last resort!).  There are some very poorly ‘built’ websites.  I use the example with my students that a ‘Yr 2 child up the road could have created the website on volcanoes’ v’s an expert in the field. I strongly agree with Schrock’s point about the use of online resources.  She says they can only be effective if students have some background knowledge, know key terms and apply effective search strategies (Schrock, 2002) 

TL Additional questions:
1)      Does the site satisfy the purpose of the research task?
2)      Does it allow for differentiation, suit the age group?
3)      Can you trust the author information given?  How?  Would you email the author to verify?
         Authenticate author information on other sites?
4)      Look for unsubstantiated facts
5)      How can you detect bias?  What questions should you ask yourself?
         ie. Are both sides presented?  Is it American information?
6)      Is the site easy to use?  Fast to load?  Password protected?  School firewall problems?
         Will students get lost or distracted? The 3-click rule?
7)      Ask how information literacy skills are being learned as students use websites?



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