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Teacher Librarian as Leader



(Todd, R.J., Kuhlthau, C.C. & OELMA. (2004). Student Learning through Ohio School Libraries research study.  Retrieved from http:/ p.21)

Teacher Librarian as Leader 

Ideally a Teacher Librarian should be part of the school management team and keep up to date with curriculum developments.

The Teacher Librarian needs to keep abreast of information issues and provide staff/students with opportunities to develop their information literacy skills, including skills in technology.

In terms of leadership, the Teacher Librarian’s main focus should be on relationships.

 Relationships (ideally within teams) should involve collaboration, co-operation, appreciation, trust, empathy, a good moral code and purpose and above all a strong work ethic (be passionate about what you’re doing).

The Teacher Librarian should be motivated with a clear vision and goals and the TL should support others to achieve these goals within the team.  The goals of the school library should reflect the overall school’s vision.

The Teacher Librarian demonstrates good leadership daily through positive interactions with administrators, teachers, students, parent volunteers, book sellers etc.  This is done by promoting new technologies, reading programs and inquiry-based learning focusing on ‘life-long learning’ for all.  Indirectly, this will lead to increased student achievement.


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