Collaboration – TL as Leader


Covey’s ‘Circle of Influence’ (COVEY, 1990)

The more I read and indeed experience, the more I see the focus of the Teacher Librarian as a leader has to be on ‘collaboration’. Collaboration with the Principal, with the school executive, teachers, students, other Teacher Librarians, parents and the wider community is all very important. To be collaborative, the TL needs to be proactive, have a clear vision and see opportunities almost before they arise. On reading Covey’s ‘Circle of Influence and Concern’, it indicated to me that the proactive person focuses on the ‘Circle of Influence’. They work on the things they can do something about. The nature of their energy is positive, enlarging and magnifying, causing their Circle of Influence to increase.

The things that Teacher Librarians have the most influence over would vary from school to school. As my school embarks on ‘Inquiry Learning’ I plan to work with those teachers that are the most open to this pedagogy (small steps) and from there demonstrate to others our successes. This will hopefully lead to the TL’s ‘Circle of Influence’ expanding to include other teachers and departments within the school.

Hainstock, C. (2008). How can TL’s influence teachers to collaborate with them? TL under construction [web log]. Retrieved 21 September 2013, from

Covey, S. (1990). Habit 1: Be proactive. In The 7 habits of highly effective people: Powerful lessons in personal change (pp. 65-94). New York: Fireside.


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September 21, 2013 · 6:47 am

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