My school library: Vision Statement, 2008

ImageOur library does have a vision statement, or that’s what we called it in 2008 when it was created by all of our library staff.  We based it on the school’s vision which is      Catholic and our school is governed by the EREA (Edmund Rice Education Australia).  It is as follows:

 Our vision 

Consistent with the *** tradition, the *** is a place where all students and staff are respected and where their needs are met both efficiently and effectively.  As a consequence, the *** staff is committed to:

  •  Providing a positive learning environment for the students and staff which make up the *** learning community.
  •  Promoting a welcoming atmosphere which is student and staff focussed.
  •  Developing in students a love of literature and learning.
  •  Encouraging students to become independent, lifelong learners.
  •  Enriching student and staff experiences in the ethical, creative and critical use of a range of information resources. 

I guess the second part (the dot points) is more ‘mission’, although I can also see it has ‘vision’ elements as well.  I always thought it sounded quite impressive, although now I can see many holes in it, mainly with regard to not being able to measure or realistically achieve some of it. 

In 2008, technology was not as higher profile as it is now and I find it interesting that the last dot point refers to some of the General Capabilities outlined in the new Australian Curriculum. 

Difference between ‘mission’ and ‘vision’ is: 

 MISSION = purpose.      How you are going to achieve the VISION. 

 VISION = aspirational.  What your library will be like in 3 years time.  What you would like to see/achieve in an ideal world.  

(Walter & Weisburg, 2011, p.17) 

Walter, Virginia A., & Weisburg, Hilda K. (2011). Being Indispensable : A School Librarian’s Guide to Becoming an Invaluable Leader. Chicago, IL, USA: ALA Editions.




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