Digital Inquiry

I really like the Stipling Model of Inquiry:


Stripling (2010) emphasizes the fact that student use of digital formats is not enough in this Digital Learning Environment.  I witness students each day ‘fact gathering’ – ‘web using’ rather than ‘web learning’, cutting and pasting etc.  Students today are faced with an overwhelming amount of information and if they are not taught digital literacy along with digital inquiry skills they will struggle with the technology.  Students don’t tend to employ ‘corroboration’ (checking for accuracy of sources) as there is so much else to do – locate information, understand the information, check sources, summarise in their own words, deal with the increasing digital divide depending on their quality of access.  There is also much assumed knowledge around students mastering various digital formats and their knowledge (or lack of) of appropriate digital citizenship practises.  The concepts of deep reading for information and collaborative or shared learning need to be explicitly taught.

Stripling, B. (2010). Teaching Students to Think in the Digital Environment: Digital Literacy and Digital Inquiry. School Library Monthly26(8), 16-19.


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