CREW Weeding – Non Fiction 500’s

At my High School, I have recently completed the non-fiction collection weeding up to and including the 500’s.  I will focus on the 500’s (Natural Sciences).
Just Weed It!

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CREW recommends 5-10 years copyright date, 3 years since usage and then at least one of the MUSTIE categories for this Dewey classification.  I found the MUSTIE steps were effective in deciding whether to weed or not.  The copyright date helped, but wasn’t my sole decider.  I didn’t look at circulation statistics as I felt these would be low over the last two years with the introduction of BYOD.  I feel this situation will change as the ‘novelty’ of the internet decreases and books start to become popular again.  Also, with our high numbers of Learning Support students, the books provide easier access to information than websites.  Since the introduction of eBooks at our school, I have observed that students actually prefer reading print books over the electronic format.

Looking at my statistics for weeding this year, the 500 classification had a total of 81 books weeded. These were made up of out-dated science study guides, science textbooks, damaged animal and bird books, complex books on scientific topics and books with copyright dates of 10 years or more.  It is interesting to note that the 500’s had more books weeded compared to the previous dewey classification 000-400’s.  This was mainly due to the nature of science subjects dating quickly, out-dated student study guides and the introduction of the Australian Curriculum.

I resonated with the following statements from the CREW manual:

“It is better to lack enough information on a topic than to have erroneous information” (Larson, p. 34) and

“Children are less likely to grow up as library users and supporters if the collection holds little or nothing of interest to them or is perceived as being full of outdated stuff . (Larson, p.36)

Larson, J. (2012).  CREW: a weeding manual for modern libraries, Texas State Library and Archives Commission:  Austin, TX.


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