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Searching Terms…

Searching Terms:

‘satisficing’ (first piece of information is good enough)

‘snaffling’ (click on the first link in the results list)

Digital natives or digital refugees? Why we have failed Gen Y?
Barbara Combes
Edith Cowan University


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September 10, 2012 · 10:48 am


Tried  Noticed some spelling mistakes.  Looked at ‘Medical Science Engine’- Consumer (Medline)  It looked like the  search engine does a Google Search, although when I tested both, Medline was more ‘medical’.  Google had more ‘.coms’, Medline had more ‘.nets’.  Some results were dated, had no dates and claimed they were not doctors.

 Tried ‘Hot Topics Google Search’(Google Custom search) – last updated 25/8/10.  Nothing on ‘volcanoes’.

 ‘Surfwax’ – visual searching.  Searched on ‘volcano’, not ‘volcanoes’.  Result = similar (crater, vent), broader (crevice, cleft, mountain, mount), narrower (Mt Etna, Mt Vesuvius).  Listed Yahoo, AlltheWeb, LookSmart,MSN as engines searched – in 894 milliseconds.

 Tried ‘Boolify’ from ‘Knowledge 2.0 (Hey Jude Blog). A need to explain Boolean Logic to students before using. Searched ‘volcanoes’ OR ‘craters’ – looked like a ‘Google search’ – some rubbish (ie. commercial, unrelated sites)

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